The mission of Flores is working in all those areas, such as cultural heritage, landscape, environment, art, design, which represent the best opportunity to provide work for young people in all nations.

After the positive resolution of the ANVUR (National Agency for the Evaluation of Universities and Research institutes) of  May 21, 2015, on  May 29, 2015 was signed by the ministers Stefania Giannini and Dario Franceschini the Interministerial Decree MIBACT/MIUR authorizing Flores ATS to establish the Academic single cycle Five-year Course for Restorer PFP1 (Restoration of Stone Artefacts and Restoration of Frescoes). The copy of the Decree was sent to Flores by registered letter on September 12 2015.


The Interministerial Decree Accreditation

In the recent past days we received the official communication that Flores was accredited and officially licensed to offer its academic programmes by the Interministerial Decree 29.05.2015 signed by Dario Franceschini and Stefania Giannini, after the positive resolution of the ANVUR (National Agency for the Evaluation of Universities and Research institutes) of 21.05.2015. Download the Interministerial …

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The ELIA delegates in Florence for the 2016 Conference

On 29 and 30 January the President of the ELIA, Carla Delfos, accompanied by Emanuele Amodei, visited our city for a first approach to the sites where in 2016 will take place a great international meeting of the academies and universities of art and restoration coming from all over the world. On the occasion the …

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